Lets start this thing off…

Xiao Hong Ci and I

So I finally decided to do this ‘blog’ thing. In the beginning I will just be posting what I’ve already written down. I will continue to write what thoughts I have about the current state of my progress with both my own health and with trying to transfer my knowledge/experience to others.

This will just be a compilation of my thoughts and feelings; I am not trying to purposely act philosophical or smart because I think I know what I am talking about. I am continuing to work on my problems and would like to display my progress here. In most respects I am an average teenager so hopefully what I say can resonate with you.

Hopefully writing a blog will also improve what poor writing skills I have. I may have some mechanical knowledge in writing relating to grammar and spelling, but trying to figure out flow, good sentence structure, and conciseness is a whole different problem. I know its important to write what you feel down as soon as possible because as soon as the next day those feelings may have faded.

This is me trying to put myself out there. Maybe the people who do decide to read this may feel inspired (that may be pushing it) if not in the least interested in my story. Who knows.


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