Hi again!

Its been forever since my last post. I think every week I was able to write something but I guess never felt the urge to go do it. I hope this cycle doesn’t just go like “wait a month, then burst writing a lot in a short period, repeat.” A lot of stuff has happened since those few weeks. I came back home for a while, school has started (been 2 weeks already), I’ve been feeling different.

I’ve noticed how different it is now that school has started. There are constantly distractions, there is pressure to conform to peers and other students, there are time blocks where I have to go to class. Its important I maintain and improve upon the lifestyle I need to be healthy. Simple things like sleeping early is difficult especially around your friends or in college. Everyone around you is staying up till 12 or later than that studying or having fun. Its difficult knowing that people are interacting then and you are missing out, its difficult trying to sleep with everyone else is awake with sounds traveling through the walls, its difficult trying to live this healthy, but hard life while others ‘aren’t’. Its not to say everyone else is bad and I’m just a good person, its just that for me its a lot more important and it just so happens I need to do more than others to be healthy. I also don’t want to feel like I am such a special person and need others to change themselves in order to make my life a little better. I realize that I don’t think its not fair or that its depressing my life is like this. Its not so hard to do the right thing after you have felt what its like to experience hardship from disease (not being able to move, not being to able to pick up something from the ground, not being able to do normal things). It certainty is difficult but now I know its not impossible. I have surprisingly been able to la-jin everyday. Its awesome because I will get bored or not want to do anything or do homework so I just do that. I stopped running everyday because my leg hurt too much (an example of me failing to continue through the pain after learning that is when you should be running the most).

I will talk about some symptoms that I have had since then. These symptoms are called ‘qi chong bin zhao’. The concept is that things happen when your body changes, just like anything else. To get rid of a problem/disease, something has to come out of your body. Our body has many ways of doing this. Some of us may throw up, sweat, cry, pee, poop, have pain etc. So similar to getting rid of waste, our bodies have their way of getting rid of disease. A simple example is the idea that the fever itself isn’t a bad thing. The fever is the body’s response to that bad something that occurred in your body. Its both a signal (diagnosis) of the problem as well as self-treatment. The fever itself isn’t what we need to worry about, its something else. So when we think we need to take ‘medicine’ or something to basically repress the fever, we are kind of hiding the problem. The fever symptom goes away but the thing that causes it doesn’t. We need to understand what the source is, not the symptoms.

Another example would be like my skin problem. I used to have to put creams over my problem areas because it would make it look better and make it ‘go away’. I realized later that the skin itself is just another symptom of another problem and that putting this stuff on me only covered it up. Steroids eventually wouldn’t work and eventually you always have to upgrade to a stronger/more potent cream/medicine. These things have side effects as well as just simple things like making your skin thinner. When I stopped the medicine it would come back and come back worse than before.

So what I am doing now is getting rid of the source of my problems (whatever they are) – and symptoms are coming out basically telling me i’m getting better. If I didn’t know this then I would have gave up thinking it didn’t work and a lot of other things.

After the class, I had stomach aches and eventually threw up an amount equal to 5 bowls. When I got home, I had stomach problems again and got a fever. I started spitting mucus (the greenish-yellow color) for a week. My leg and hip hurt on my right leg and then also on the left. During this whole time however, I didn’t freak out. I continued to do la-jin, pai da, and stay positive. I didn’t take any sort of ‘medicine’ and didn’t go to the doctor when I would have before for any of these symptoms.

The most personal, interesting, and crazy story was about allergies. When I went to the class, they served some porridge with peanuts in it. I didn’t know and found out after noticing my extremely swollen lip. Then I started breaking out a rash and starting having a hard time breathing and felt my heart hurting. However I didn’t panic, I didn’t take any medicine (wasn’t any there of course), and I asked the instructor to help me pai da. She hit the elbow area and my neck/upper back. Within 30 minutes I felt like I had an easier time breathing and was able to stand up and feel relaxed again. A few minutes the swelling decreased as well.

Now that was pretty crazy. Here is an extreme/dire situation where I normally would have to go to the emergency room (I clearly remember I time when my mom didn’t check the ingredients for something and we ended up going to the hospital at like 12 am and waited for a long and end up coming back home around 3 after they gave me some steroids) or have to take anti-histamines. It took someone helping me for less time, less money, and almost no work for me to feel better. Who knew something so simple could what I was impossible before?

The best part is that on the plane ride back to America, I got another allergic reaction. Of course I didn’t bring anything with me to China and no one else would have anything. Apparently there was peanuts in the meal I was having and the same thing happened as before. We asked a flight attendant whether the meal had peanuts in it and she just said “I don’t prepare anything; I just give out the meals and do what they tell me.” I guess she didn’t understand why we asked that and didn’t understand that I was having an allergic reaction. My life could have been in danger at that point but everyone there had no idea. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have been a good thing for the company if something bad had happened. So I’m there trying not to freak out and remember what I came to China for. I’m here to learn a method that just worked a week ago when I had an allergy then. So my mom helped me as well. It was so hard doing the pai da in that moment. Everything in my body was telling me “you have to do this. What other option is there?” If another person on a flight got an allergic reaction and didn’t have his ‘medicine’ with him, I already know what the end result would be. It was the craziest moment ever since I was doing pai da on plane trying to save my life or least a lot of pain/discomfort (if anyone knows what it feels like) while some guy would be sitting next to me just staring at me. This one guy just kept turning around and I would just be telling myself, “whatever, screw everything, stop caring about what people think, just keep doing it.” If you don’t know already ‘pai-da’ is translated as basically slapping. So I was slapping myself (which is pretty loud by the way) with all these people there who have no idea what was happening. I have no idea what they could have been thinking, other than my own assumptions and the past skepticism I had for this method before. Yes slapping yourself seems like the most retarded thing in the world, but what the heck its working. It was even more awkward that during that time no one came up to me to ask what was wrong, no flight attendant came back to check I was ok, it was just weird. Thinking back I probably should have done it even harder to make it loud enough that someone would say, “What are you doing?” It would certainly give me an opportunity to talk about my life and what I’ve learned on this trip to China and why I was slapping myself. So basically I did that for around 30-40 minutes. I’m sure I could write a lot more about the situation but I’m sure I got the point across. Guess what? I’m still here and alive typing this.

I’m here trying to do what I can to explain and let people know about the amazing things that have happened to me. I really hope that somehow, someway what I can do will go beyond what I have to say in this blog. I just don’t know and I wish I could talk about these things with anyone. I wish there was an easier way to talk to the people who could help this be known faster/more easily even though those same people would be the most skeptical. I think its sad that we have the illusion of being to be in contact with anyone (first with transportation like cars, boats, planes and now with the internet). However its just as hard as before to get an idea across. Anything that doesn’t resemble some kind of rigorous testing/experimented is put into a circle as fakes. People are so skeptical of anything that they haven’t heard of.

I thought about it and I don’t see how I couldn’t also be one of the most skeptical people to tell this to as well. My whole life I have been trying alternative medicines (while I was still taking western medicine) because my mom wanted to find a better way and cared enough about me to spend probably all of her free time to help me live a better life. Every year she would find something that claimed to do something or cure something. I of course tried all of them. Every time something wouldn’t work though, wouldn’t that just increased my skepticism of everything? Everytime some treatment failed it would be harder for me to accept the time, money, effort, and pain to go through something new. It would take a whole lot more through arguments and facts to convince me that it worked (because I have tried all these other things) rather than someone would was just skeptical because of what they had heard.

When I first heard about this I thought that this was the most retarded thing in the world. Wow stretching and hitting yourself. Only an idiot would believe that this would work. I thought that there blog (where people post about how their health has improved) was just people making up stories of random diseases and how they got better. I know now that its not the case and that each one of those people are amazing people. My first reflection even ended up on the site as well, with the teacher asking people to translate my essay into Chinese (within a few days there were like 3-4 translations already). The point I want to get across is just spreading the knowledge that hey I had all these problems and am currently improving my health without doing things that didn’t work. I just want to put out another option since the biggest obstacle from everyone doing this method is ignorance of it.

I have talked in depth to a few people since then. For everyone I actually knew I was able to just really speak about what was on my mind. Doing that was extremely relaxing, comfortable, and probably more intellectually stimulating than anything I ever did in school.I probably talked with people for 1-2 hours. By that time, I am sure anyone ‘polite’ enough would have already left the conversation.Talking helps me put ideas together and helps me understand more about what I am talking about. Talking honestly makes me feel good in that I realize then that my disease was such a positive thing. If I didn’t have all these problems, what kind of person would I be then? I would have never thought about anything like this, never would have discovered this method and never would have meet a lot of people.

I know there are people who are interested. I know I just need to find those people.

I probably talked with people for 1-2 hours. By that time, I am sure anyone ‘polite’ enough would have already left the conversation


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