Steve Jos’ Death + Alternative Medicine + Skepticism = Wow now I’m going to have a hard time (Part 1)

According to this article (found from Hacker News), Steve ‘succumbed’ to alternative medicine. He tried some other therapies before going through a conventional therapy way later. Cool.

“I’m sad that today I’m adding a slide to one of my live presentations, adding Steve Jobs to the list of famous people who died treating terminal diseases with woo rather than with medicine.”

“We can’t say for sure that Steve would still be alive and making lives better were it not for the alternative therapy, but the statistics suggest it very strongly. If you insist on unproven therapies, fine; but also try the proven ones. ”

Its certainly true that his alternative therapy did cause him to postpone the conventional therapy which would have ‘kept him alive’ since we can’t say for sure. The author makes this statement and suggests that the statistics => best decision. We can’t say he was irrational or even mistaken for believing in unproven alternatives. If the conventional way was the right decision and the best way then anyone would have done it. Obviously that percent chance of getting better wasn’t worth the risk to him and other things were.

I would certainly not insist of unproven therapies as well. Its just that in my case and in many other people’s cases, we have tried the ‘proven’ ones many times over. You begin to find yourself in a state where you become skeptical of everything. I’ve tried the conventional medicine my whole life. All I have done was take medicine, pills, drugs, shots, procedures which took a lot of time and money and created a lot of mental pain rather than physical pain which it gets rid of. I can see why everyone becomes so emotional and turns to alternative ways. If the proven ways are so useless to me as well as having severe side effects why not try something else? I’ve been through countless ‘alternative medicines’ and yeah in the end they all didn’t work. Each time I became more skeptical than before of the next one. But why would I keep trying? Because conventional medicine didn’t have an answer (a cure) and only a treatment. It was extremely emotionally draining to try things based on stories and testimonials and find it it didn’t work for me.

However, the system is too rigid. Its way to hard to introduce any scientific study on anything that doesn’t seem like a drug. (I’m assuming this). I wish I had more information on how I would go about getting people to let me make an experiment to test whether something is empirically giving results. But I hear things like “10 years to approve some medicine” or something. People don’t really have any interest in figuring out of other alternative medicines work because they already assume they don’t. Of course most of the stuff out there is crap because some bad people believe they can make a lot of cash in a quick amount of time by scamming people but that doesn’t mean everything out there is fake. The same could be said for anything. The conventional way may not always work and there is always cases of misdiagnosis, malpratice, etc. Its still not any easier to test anything.

There is too much emphasis on money, profits, and business. What happened to figuring out a patient and all aspects of his/her life? Every medicine is so standardized to the point that it may be totally useless to people. Everyone is different, every situation is different. “One size fits all” certainty shouldn’t be applied in medicine when you might be treating someone with the wrong amount of everything for every single person because the medicine is based on an average of all the people.

–to be continued


One thought on “Steve Jos’ Death + Alternative Medicine + Skepticism = Wow now I’m going to have a hard time (Part 1)

  1. There’s too much bureaucracy involved in medicine these days. Health care in the United States is the quintessential of corporatism. The profit motive is a great motive when coercion isn’t applied, but when the State enters the field, coercion is automatically applied. Even conventional drugs that could save millions of lives are thwarted in their entrance to the market because other medical corporations have lobbied government entities such as the FDA to act, not in the interests of all men, but rather in the interests of the medical corporations that have paid them off.

    I would be completely behind you if you tried to get more information out to the public regarding the method of la jin and pai dai. Especially if you could conduct your own empirical study on it, seeing its success rate and other statistics. We live in a world of science, so if you could do something like that, the publicity of an empirical study could certainly turn mainstream health care on its head, as well as open up people’s eyes regarding alternative sources of health care.

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