Steve Jos’ Death + Alternative Medicine + Skepticism = Wow now I’m going to have a hard time (Part 2)

Part 1 is here.

Most of my arguments are probably just emotional and personal but they are real. They might not make a lot of sense and it sounds like I’m just complaining on the state of medicine. Of course skeptics won’t believe in anything that isn’t proved by empirical evidence. In any normal case I wouldn’t either. However it seems as if its too difficult to get anything able to be tested. It seems as if the barrier to entering some solution is way too high. We are all criticizing alternative medicine on the whole based on a narrow of view of all of it. I would think the definition of alternative medicine to be just any solution that isn’t conventional and not proven yet. If all these alternative medicines are such a pain to deal with… it should somehow be easier to test their claims. The faster and easier it is to do, the faster the public can know about whether it is effective or not. There is kind of a problem if there is so backing of money, time, and people into modern medicines to test and discover whether they are effective. We never will know about the failed medicines that didn’t pass. Its probably very possible that the same medicines that have been empirically proven to give a positive result for a disease were changed many times over and experimented on many times. I mean most of the medicines that are created now are from libraries of chemical compounds through brute force processing. Out of the possible combinations of chemicals, very few may be effective for anything. However we are able to test extensively because of the money behind it. Automation of testing of thousands or millions of compounds, and after millions of ‘ineffectiveness’ there finally becomes a product that might work. There probably isn’t that much spent into testing anything else. There definitely should be resources being spent to understand alternative therapies because there might be a hidden solution in there. As skeptics we choose not explore that territory by refining the methods, understanding the concepts, and continuing to test to get results. We trying to learn what works by coming up with a hypothesis, testing it, and continuing to go on the same path and changing it till it does work. Why shouldn’t we use this approach for other things.

In the end, I want to talk with people. I want to be a part of this. People who know about this industry and know what to do about it. I want to learn about what I can do to test what I have done as soon and effectively as possible because I have been so helped by it. La-jin and pai-da have certainly changed my life for the better.


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