ARE we going to cure all diseases? (Part 2)

Here’s something regarding the market of conventional medicine and the alternatives. About the insane amount of testing of drugs and the virtually non-existent further testing of anything else.

Now I’m not arguing for the destruction of conventional medicine or the viability of all alternative medicines. Its more that I believe these things need to be given a chance. At some point, many diseased folk turn to alternative ways because they don’t believe in the risk of getting conventional medicines (risky, side effects, money, stress). Most/many alternatives may be truly fake, but there isn’t any real way of knowing without that testing. Chinese medicine has for thousands of years been practiced. The amount of vigor used to test these methods must be (i’m assuming) shockingly small compared to conventional medicine. Like you said – conventional medicine started off with a story of an accident/experiment that led to a product. It was all incidental in the beginning (1st revolution in medicine). It led hypotheses about drugs/medicine which led to massive experimentation through the brute forcing of many chemical libraries (2nd revolution in medicine). Just the word libraries itself shows how much failure there was in discovering just a single drug. The process it takes to make any viable drug takes forever. Now why aren’t we doing this for anything else? Skeptics (me included) claim that all these other methods are fake and don’t work after a few studies. At this point nothing that is different can possibly be considered to be viable as medicine because we all assume it already doesn’t work. We need to put hypotheses to the test, and refine them just like we have with drugs. Isn’t it possible that a hidden revolution could be discovered through the research in some alternative medicine (which might bring more understanding to conventional methods)?

Random: Its weird how in this age of computing and the internet its still hard to contact someone (someone “known”). It might be easier to find them but its still hard for anyone to respond. Depending on the virtual filters (email, spam, anonymity) you must go through its pretty hard to get someone’s attention. Yeah its true there is twitter, email, and facebook. I guess its just I still harbor the same embarrassment, fear of rejection, and ignorance as before when I did not have these tools.

Update: I was really happy to find that some speakers in my CS class said a good step towards a startup was at least writing a blog. Hey that’s what I’m doing now! Right now, I can see the value of doing this for myself personally… who knows the value for anyone else at this point.

I’l get back to the lecture next post!


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