I came upon this article: http://techcrunch.com/2011/11/12/10-things-entrepreneurs-dont-learn-in-college/ I thought this quote was really awesome.

“And what is good writing? It’s not an opinion. Or a rant. Or a thesis with logical steps, a deep cavern underneath, beautiful horizons and mountaintops at the top. It’s blood. It’s Carrie-style blood. Where everyone has been fooling you until that exact moment when now, with the psychic power of the written word, you spray pig blood everywhere, at everyone, and most of all you are covered in blood yourself, the same blood that pushed you out of your mother’s womb, until just the act of writing itself is a birth, a separation between the old you and the new you—the you that can no longer take the words back, the words that now must live and breathe and mature and either make something of themselves in life, or remain one of the little blips that reminds us of how small we really are in an infinite universe.”

I’ve always thought writing was difficult. I’ve never felt the need to do it for school work. Only in writing this blog and all the posts have I really felt like I could “no longer take the words back”. I stopped this for such a long time because I thought I was doing something wrong or had the wrong approach. I shouldn’t care though. I’ve learned a lot and should continue to while doing this.

Well this semester is almost over. I’ve had any major problems with my health so far. The fact that I want to be out there trying to run and do handstands is a signal of how far I have really come. I think all I have to do is read all the stuff I was saying before. Trying to be athletic or want to do something was the last thing on my mind. I’m glad that I am not so scared of pain, not so afraid of failing, not weak and feeble. I’ve started some physical therapy to help me improving my walking. I’ve still had a limp from when my back/hip was hurting as well as a stiff back that causes me to not move my shoulders/hips. Its pretty expensive so I just need to make sure I do my exercises and try to improve fast. So far I think its been going well, as I actually feel like my upper body is moving somewhat and my arms are moving with my hips. Its crazy that I couldn’t notice the problem before. Its crazy something that I used to take for granted could be so hard. I’l try to update this later.


One thought on “Writing

  1. Oh wow, clicked on that link and realized it was a quote from James Altucher. I’ve read a lot of his articles since summer. He’s an amazing writer and he’s got his share of problems as well.

    Glad to see you have a desire to do so much again. Keep up the work.

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