The new year!

So. Haha I still feel like each holiday just passes by while I don’t write something. I guess I could have wrote about a lot of stuff really but then nothing would be coherent. All those small thoughts that weren’t written down. Oh well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! I hope all of us realize how important our health is =).

Books: Well I’m planning on finishing up “Predictably Irrational” and of course starting “The Upside of Irrationality” (the next book) soon. I just got “Born to Run” from a friend. Hopefully it inspires me to do so. It really does seem like running can cure almost all problems – I just don’t want it that badly.

Podcasts: I’ve been trying to listen to some of the podcasts from – That guy is the teacher of the guy who created yixingtianxia (the method I learned about to help me). So yeah i’m trying to improve my Chinese. All his podcasts are usually about health. Too bad I couldn’t translate everything into English. I realized trying to even do so for just a sentence takes like 5 minutes because you really need to know what he is trying to say. Still trying to find a better way to do so…

Something to think about: I been thinking a lot about 吃亏. The phonetic pronounciation is chi kui. Something like ‘cher kway’ I guess. Its a concept used to describe what you feel when you have suffered a loss or when you don’t get what you think you deserve. It is any time you’ve felt like you have wasted your time (maybe waiting for someone/something), wasted your money, felt like what you put in was less than what you got out of it. For example, you have to get to class in a hurry. One option is to wait at the bus stop for x minutes, or you start speed walking to get to class. What happens is that right when you start walking the bus comes around the corner and you don’t notice and pretty soon its passed you while you are walking. At at moment you feel chi kui, because you realized you could have waited for the bus instead.

There are so many examples of this its pretty crazy. Its just that feeling that way shouldn’t be so frustrating. Why do should we feel so angry, so sad, so emotional at things that really don’t make a difference?

In a general sense, I’m sure all of us realize that negative emotions affect ourselves severely. I mean we probably even learned something like that in health. These mental issues create actual physical problems. So we should try to stay away from such things. So how can we convince ourselves to stay unaffected, to stay calm? How can we learn to think in a positive light?

  • To put things in perspective, we think of these events in relation to a few days from now, a few weeks, a few years, eternity. Nothing seems that bad anymore. Why did I get frustrated/stressed out over that little thing? That bad test grade, that long argument, being bored, losing a game, and all your #firstworldproblems…
  • We can try to not just put ourselves in other people’s shoes, but to realize they are justified in their perspective and have a reason that you just can’t understand at the moment. Before we get angry and have the inability to comprehend and think clearly we should realize that much of the time there is a misunderstanding.
  • Likewise, know that no one knows exactly what you are thinking and vice-versa. Know that people can’t know what you have already seen, known, learned, heard. I’ve remembered myself getting frustrated at people (family, friends, people I don’t even know) for not knowing something (its only hurting myself). Whenever I see others do this, I can now see how I do the same thing.
  • Find the good in others. Of course this goes for both you like and dislike. The only reason why you can’t think of anything is because your stuck thinking that person is annoying, mean, etc. Realize what you are doing to that person and what harm you are actually doing to yourself. Appreciate and complement what they are good at.
  • Try not to judge. Try not to assume people’s nature/intent even though you think it will help you get an advantage or is useful. I’m talking about understanding and keeping yourself content – not deception.
  • Related to this – seeing the world as a ‘good’ person or in a positive light. This means something like not assuming that someone doing something sneaky is someone bad etc. We are not all policemen, lawyers, spies, robbers, thieves, etc.
  • Example: A random guy gets into a car crash with this lady. He runs away. Another guy comes up to try to help the lady out and pick her up. She immediately assumes the guy who is helping her is the guy who crashed her guy and proceeds to shout at him and sue him. He tells her that he wasn’t that guy but she doesn’t believe him. Luckily the street camera’s caught a picture of his car showing that he wasn’t the guy who crashed the guy. Even after the evidence was shown, the lady just made up a bunch of excuses to why she thought he did it.
  • Think of others as a reflection of yourself. This is basically the above. This is such a hard thing to do. If you act like a thief, then you will think any action that others do that resembles what you do will have the same intent as yourself. So if you see the ‘bad’ in someone, realize that you too have done something like that, if not the exact same thing. I am slowly trying to understand this well.

I say these things because I’ve seen them in my self. I’ve noticed how much I used to act, and how far I’ve come since all that ‘bad’ stuff happened (since then I realized it has been a blessing). However, there is much to improve upon. I’m happy that at least I’ve found a few things I have problems with.

Reading through this list that I’ve now made, I realize that a lot of this stuff seems like ‘common sense’. Its kind of funny. I guess it should be obvious it should be that way, since we usually know the solutions to many of our problems but just won’t use them. The concept of common sense is just so ironic because it is really just common knowledge that not many people actually use…


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