How badly do we want to get better?

All from I wish my Chinese was better; then I could translate all of it for myself and everyone…

Here is the before and after la-jin and pai-da.

Edit: Ok so the pictures don’t show up here (well they shouldn’t so I shouldn’t complain). Just go to the site at the top or click on the links to see the difference.

Another person with psoriasis. (here is the wikipedia page) It is similar to ezcema but like in this case can cover the whole body. Like all chronic diseases, there is no ‘cure’, only treatments. “There are many treatments available, but because of its chronic recurrent nature, psoriasis is a challenge to treat. Withdrawal of corticosteroids (topical steroid cream) can aggravate the condition due to the ‘rebound effect‘ of corticosteroids”.

That’s pretty awesome. Sure tells me I have a lot to work on.


3 thoughts on “How badly do we want to get better?

  1. Pictures aren’t loading for some reason. I think they don’t allow you to link to the original source and you would have to re-upload to post it here (might just be my problem though). Anyway, went to the site to see it, and that’s a gigantic difference. Great to see so many problems cured by the same method. Makes you wonder how the general population doesn’t know about something so helpful and simple to do.

    • Hmm.. yeah it worked when I uploaded it, but I just tried in in Chrome and it didn’t. Yeah weird. I was just about to write about how I had hiccups and my mom just did pai-da for like less than 1 minute and it went away. I’m like wtc.

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