No excuses…

Well no excuse for me to not have posted anything in the past 2 months. Sure a lot has happened and I just didn’t write anything about it… I can say I’m still doing better and am continuing my journey to improve my health and lifestyle. One exciting thing that happened is that one of my friends is now also doing la-jin/pai-da as a way to improve health. Spring break seems like a good time to do something like that.

Yeah there aren’t any excuses to be had for not being healthy just as there aren’t any for not writing another blog post.

There’s an interesting blog post at Sean Ahrens, a patient of Crohn’s disease has talked about his experience and how he has turned that into a learning experience and ultimately a product/website that is trying to utilize the patients as the sources of new treatments. Very interesting stuff. P2P sharing of treatments seems interesting as well as the interaction of patients with the same ailments. Excited to see what happens there; I had some hopes of trying to contribute something like that as well, although not necessarily through a website. I guess right now I’m focusing on improving myself (although its true that it shouldn’t mean I can’t be working towards helping others as well).


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