Lets set a goal.

So since I’m back from a week’s worth of healthy lifestyle during spring break, I should set some goals. I signed up for our school’s pi mile in a few weeks, so I’m preparing for that. My goal is just to finish. I realize that I did it last year in about 40 minutes which is unbelievable to me since right now I jog under walking speed. Its not that important but I can be confident that continuing to wake up early and run each day well lead to many positive results. And even if I don’t get any faster at least I’m finally doing what’s right and good for my health. At least I’m putting in the effort, whether not anything happens shouldn’t be my concern or a worry because its out of my control at that point. I guess this is the distinction between making a good decision and having a good outcome. The outcome isn’t always dependent how well the decision was made since anything happens.

I’m making it my other goal to get rid of my ezcema before this semester is over. I think it’s possible.

Addition: I’ve done it before. The reason it came back was for a lot of reasons. The last time I did the yixingtianxia workshop in Atlanta, my ezcema improved at least like 80%. After a while I came back home and it went back to a worse state. This was the cause of 1. its extremely likely the problem is a lot deeper than just a skin problem 2. the years of using steroids on my skin problem pushed the problem deeper and deeper so that their are like ‘layers’ of it 3. each day I sin and make more mistakes which may lead to disease 4. I stopped doing pai-da frequently at school because it was weird (uncomfortable for others, loud, etc). Haven’t found a good solution for that other than asking. Its funny thinking about where you could go do something like that other than your own room. I’ll write a post soon (probably long) on my new thoughts about disease, where it comes from, and how we should (really) fix it.


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