Hello Again!

Well I waited another few weeks to write something again =O. I’l get used to writing more often at some point. So as far as I know, I have really been improving in my health a lot. I can’t even believe it. Its funny because I don’t feel like I’m actually doing that much too be more healthy. Its probably because at this point I know what I need to be doing, that each day something needs to be done and while it was a pain before to keep that on my mind at all times, now it can partially be unconscious like it is for most people who are healthy. Its makes sense since being healthy is a lifestyle – its a part of daily routine, not something you do for x days. Of course when you are sick, you might need to change something and be more serious about it and do more than you need to. That’s kind of the irony of it. When you are sick or have problems, you need to do more (exercise more, sleep early, etc). When you are healthy, you ‘can’ do less of all of it.

But for some reason, when a lot of us become sick – we mentally become ill as well and become lazy, tired, and sad. In my history of being sick, I remember lying in bed, watching tv, and all that stereotypical stuff that kids do. I think in our society today, being sick gives us the wrong attitude. That you are allowed to just sit there, rest, and eat some pills and be okay. Its ok in the short run, but in the long run people start depending on outside help (the doctor, medicine) to get them out of it. We forget that we ourselves can help ourselves. Its like we are teaching ourselves something and doing something different. Doctors can constantly tell us to ‘exercise, eat healthy, stay positive’, but what they do is give us some pills, treatment, surgery, etc. Its up to both sides to change this. In this way its more about caring about your patient and understanding what they are going through. Its more psychology than ‘medicine’. Its about getting to the root of their problem (which he/she only knows). Its about getting that person to change their lifestyle because ultimately that’s how most of our problems come about. Taking that pill only helps change the symptoms they have currently. What pill do we have to change the symptoms they get in the future? What technology to do we have that eliminates the diseases the get in the future?

We have the answers already. We have solutions already that all of us know (doctors and patients). Its important we don’t forget about them in this age of technology. Most of us are trying to solve the wrong problem. Its similar to this article: http://www.jaynathan.org/2012/03/solving-the-wrong-problem/. Basically our end goal (I think) is a sustainable (including environmental I suppose but repeatable, uncostly, simple) way to cure our diseases. Currently we are focusing on what we learned through the germ theory of disease and other things. We focus on the fact that everyone is made up smaller entities and we just need to remove them to make diseases go away, since those things cause disease. Many prominent doctors and research talk about how x% (>50%) of diseases are preventable and that not that many people have to do to the hospital in the first place. There have been a ton of articles taking about over-diagonsis (not sure that’s the right word actually), too much ‘testing’, too many people being admitted to hospitals and emergency rooms.They created the Heritage Health Prize – Identify patients who will be admitted to a hospital within the next year, using historical claims data, which has a prize of $3 million.

 Like in any subject, field, or venture, its important to look at multiple sides and try new things. Since no one in the field will try anything alternative, its up to the ‘stupid’ patients to try these things out. Just because there isn’t a theory behind the method or evidence based on your understanding doesn’t mean its not true. Obviously if there is an explanation its going to be outside of your knowledge or else you would understand it already. It’s worth the chance for these people to try these things on their own because a lot of the time the alternative of doing whatever is standard is bad enough. I took a chance and fortunately got to where I am today. Yes, I attribute my improved health because of what I did and not because of chance. Right now I’m not telling everyone to do what I’ve done because if they are willing to try it, they will come. For the people who didn’t care before, nothing I say can change their mind; for everyone else I can try.

I’m just a kid. My experience is 1 in billions, so it has no impact so far in the world. I don’t expect my experience to just change everything, I can just improve my life and through that see what happens. However, ancedotes are how theories and solutions are started. That’s how it all comes together.

-I should probably find the articles..


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