Greetings. (allergies anyone?) part 1

Again I have that obligatory comment about how its been x weeks since I’ve written anything. Its funny. I guess it just means that when I do write its at least with a certain amount of passion such that I can’t not write something down. I’m just going to say this is part 1 so that I can add more to it if I feel like I have to – but I will say now I will probably write too much for anyone but myself to read… =D

I was going to write about an allergy incident the day it happened but guess what I didn’t and here I am. Not the best timing since now its past but I remember what happened and took some pictures.

So I went to a dinner party with my family.. given that the food there is Chinese, it just so happened I ate something that probably had like peanuts or something I was allergic to in it (and of course I didn’t know or couldn’t tell just looking at it). Still not sure what it was, but about 5 minutes after eating I already noticed that I had troubling swallowing and that my throat was itchy and my lip felt swollen. I felt like I could manage it and just moved on. A lot of people went outside and I joined them. After coming back I just felt weird. I don’t know if it was the grass, or fertilizer, or what but I remember feeling… why is my face so numb and I couldn’t move it? I felt kind of hot too… Then I looked in the mirror and lol I saw like a billion bumps on my face and that it was really red. My lips were so swollen and were probably like 3x normal size. Basically I got hives (I assume Acute urticaria: the symptoms are just a lot of bumps over the body that are extremely itchy). Then I checked my arms and realized that it was like everywhere. To get the idea, just picture like a thousand mosquito bites everywhere.

Adding the pictures! if you don’t like bumps or whatever then caution.

Not sure if you can tell from the pictures but those bumps and red spots shouldn’t be there haha.

Normally (this happened multiple times before and probably to a lot of other people) you have to do something drastic like take anti-histamines (benadryl or something similar), maybe epi-pen (never had one so maybe not), or go to the emergency room. In my case, I have never that it happen so badly.. Normally I would just get a few bumps on my arm or feel like I couldn’t breathe. This time I just felt like a puffy pillow or something weird where everything was itchy and my skin was really red.

This case is extremely similar to another incident I get with allergies. I think I talked about it before. I’m kind of undermining how miraculous it was but basically I ate some peanuts on the plane and some a similar reaction but felt my heart hurt and had trouble breathing. Ironically no medicine there and the attendants didn’t exactly help lol so I just did pai-da (slapping) because it was really the only option I had since we were in the middle of the ocean. After like 30 minutes of it I started feeling better and eventually everything was alright… and this was when the people around me started waking up and were confused to why I was hitting myself while at the same time no one asked what the problem was.

Anyways back to that other night. Similarly, I didn’t have any medicine on me and the people there probably didn’t have any at there house. My parents weren’t there at the time. I talked with another parent who did pai da and she asked if we should do it. Again I felt some initial hesitation just like on the plane. I knew that the pai-da method worked for me before but I just felt awkward doing it in front of people even though my health was kind of on the line. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and gave in. She helped pai-da my arm and after about 30 minutes the swelling and bumps on my face started to fade away and I felt a bit more relaxed. Then I went home and my mom helped me do it on my arms and legs since if I didn’t continue I wouldn’t have been able to sleep since it was so itchy. After like maybe another 30 minutes, everything basically went away. Just for comparison, taking medicine would require finding the medicine, and then waiting like 30 minutes for any effect at all, and going to the emergency room would require transportation and time (x minutes), waiting and a lot of money. We both felt amazed (and this is even after I know it works). Its weird that just knowing things or saying things are just on a lower level that actually doing or seeing it in action. Its why understanding is doing.

Sometimes for the things that count, you really just have to see it for yourself and try it before you dismiss it. If it ever happens again I know what to do.

Recently: Working on pushups and pullups again. Up to 30 pushups and 9 pullups? I progressed from 3 pullups by increasing about 1 a week. I also found out I can do clap pushups when I couldn’t even lift off the ground before. Still doing la-jin and walking in the morning. I do need to work on my back/butt since I need some muscle there. Yeah it really just is commitment and a change of heart to do something and nothing more. One probably needs motivation though (most likely negative: the suffering of your problems gives you a warning).


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