Barefoot jogging

Tried barefoot jogging for the first time (I don’t remember doing it) on Sunday. No special shoes or anything though. I tried it on the local track. It was actually pretty ‘fun’, which is weird since normally jogging is extremely uncomfortable since my back is so stiff. I feel like now at least my legs seem normal enough to move around, but then my spine is holding me back… its kind of like my legs moving with my whole upper body held together like a rock.. But yeah it was funny because half of the track was cool, covered from the shadows of the trees; whenever I started entering the hot part of the track (I suppose asphalt), I would jog really quickly haha. Its like running over ‘hot coals’ or whatever except its for like the whole track. Its a nice feeling for your feet. And its definitely a good thing if you understand a bit about chinese medicine (keeping warm is good, get hot foot baths, etc).

Tried it again today, and after 30 minutes I could already feel the rocks digging into my feet and huge blisters on my feet. I’m goina wait about 1-2 days and repeat.

Not much of an update on la jin and pai da but I’ll bring it up when I have something more to say about it.


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