Pi Mile (Part 1: its tomorrow!)

Well time to run some more in the Pi mile tomorrow! One interesting thing to note is that I that I find myself becoming self-conscious of my ability/health again. Although I am doing all of this to be healthy and not for competition, the fact that its a still a ‘competition’ for everyone one someone makes my want to try really hard. In turn it makes me feel maybe scared, fearful, etc. I’m sure that’s why a lot of people don’t participate in things like these. Its like we have to prove to ourselves we have to improve and that we are worth something. Only if you are the best, if you are in your top form should you participate. I know I shouldn’t be thinking like this, but part of me … I think everyone does this a lot. My goal is that its just an opportunity to show that I am committed to improving my health. Easier said than done to say that you shouldn’t care enough about your appearance or ability to compete but I really shouldn’t be bothered by it since I’m only worrying myself. No one else knows my feelings and its only my perception of everyone’s else future opinion of me (and people I don’t know). I guess it goes back to the saying that the world acts in the the way that you act.

I ask other people or other people ask if me if I have been “blank” (where blank can be for example: running). Then if we aren’t, we make the excuse that because we haven’t “blank” in “x” years (usually > 1 year) that we don’t do it, even though each time its more reason to do so. When we get sick, we try to move less, to think less, to act less responsible. We begin to pity ourselves, depend on others, and basically lose hope to live (physically/mentally whether its conscious or not). It’s the same with everything else, such as aging. When we stay with the status quo, stay in the same mindset, or think we know it all… we stop learning.

A lot of what we think is wrong, and sometimes its funny when you realize that its sometimes completely the opposite. Hopefully we can all continue to discover these things, as thinking that we are 100% correct and then not even knowing we are wrong is probably our worst flaw, and knowing so will make us more humble, more godly people. =D