Days 2-4. (yixingtianxia at home)

Although a lot of this blog will probably be updates about my health and the people around me, I think it would be helpful to me to explain what I’ve learned through this process just talking generally about disease and writing specific posts not focusing too much on medicine/treatment. It certainly doesn’t have to be correct but is just what I am learning in this life-long process. This way I won’t leave everyone in the dark talking about pai-da and la-jin (for people who might think not be interested in any of that). – I’l do something like this really soon.

But back to before. The mini class (yixingtianxia class) is already halfway over. Running at 6 am is getting harder and harder, but since we stopped fasting (so its only 3 days) it will probably be fine for the rest of the 7 days. I’ve been able to consistently get sha now (on my forearms, arms, thighs). I’ve been able to do around 30 minutes of la-jin per leg which is an improvement from before at school when I just did 20 minutes. I think everyone has improved a lot in terms of these exercises as well as notice physical changes. Simply staying away from the computer probably helped as well as not having any stress (from school or anything really). Hopefully going back there to the ‘real world’ won’t be any different from now since I can see myself getting better extremely quickly with this schedule.